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Professor Layton & The Last Specter

And so I finished my first game of the year. Since I have no clue what to post today I might as well write a short opinion about it!

Out of the 4 games I can honestly say that this one gets 2nd place. I love all them all, but story wise this was one of the more acceptable and believable games. Honestly, The Unwound Future was a good game, but a replica of future London in the build under actual London was stretching it for me. The story in this one is a lot more realistic and feels more like The Curious Village. With this information you should now be able to work out which one is my favorite, it’s like a puzzle! (worth like only 5 picarats, but still). I could work out several mystery’s before the game actually revealed them, but there was still a good amount of answers I had as well. I really liked seeing the professor and Luke meeting up for the first time, and personally I really like Emmy as a character. As with every game the animation and art are inspiring to me and the town of Misthallery is beautifully designed. It’s stuff like this why I’m into drawing.

Music fits the scenery too and especially the puzzle theme is still firmly stuck in my head. I know it’s just going to pop in my head every time I have to think about something for the next few weeks, because I’m nerdy like that. The puzzles themselves were balanced, but a few with a high picarat amount I found ridiculously easy. Then again, a few that were only 20 picarats had me stuck. Puzzle 145 specifically drove me insane and the one with the UFO I still can’t solve. Lastly there’s the minigames, which I still need to complete and will be doing so in the next few days. They’re nothing too special, but fun, so no complaints there. I think that kinda covers most of it, so all in all, really good game, as I’ve come to expect from Layton.  I’m looking forward to the next game as always.

And in other unrelated and totally unimportant news, my toes are cold. See you this weekend!


January Sketchdump

As promised, here’s my first sketchdump of the year. When looking back at this month, I realize that while I have practiced drawing bodies in basic shapes, I haven’t actually drawn any real full body pictures. That’s kind of odd considering I’ve put so much time in practicing. I suppose I don’t feel confident enough yet to completely go for it, but I’ll try and improve and dare to go more complicated starting now. Already on the bright side, I’m definitely starting to draw more than just standard 3/4 with straight arms, so that’s a good sign. A long way to go but I’m totally up for it!

Hope you like my work, but I always enjoy criticism, positive or negative, so feel free to leave a comment. Also, why not drop a question or a request?

Figure Close Up – Day 3

Critical thinking is the key to success!LaytonMake sure to check back tomorrow!

Sketches Preview

Oh hello there! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on improving my characters and I’ve been sketching a lot in general, so today I just want to give you guys a small sneak peak. Don’t expect anything amazing here though, it’s just simple head sketches, nothing more to it. I do hope you like them of course, or this post will be utterly pointless.

This is my character Iluna, at age 12. You can find artwork of her at age 19 on my artwork page. I’ve always drawn her with the barret but never really thought about how her head would look underneath that, which is kind of odd when you think about it. So I put myself on working on her hair a bit more. Besides that I’ve experimented with different angles, expressions and alternate outfits, but for all of that you’ll have to wait for when I upload my first sketchdump.

Next up we have Nessa, which you can find in my artwork page as well. I’m quite happy with her design so I mostly just focused on angles and expression, but I did slightly change her nose which I feel looks better now. If you guys would like to find out more about my characters and series btw, then let me know and I’ll definitely post more info and art about them!

And now just for the hell of it, I’ve been going through some of my older artwork and I found this “amazing” piece of work back (below). This is how I used to draw at one point folks… Shame on me, I know. So word of advice, don’t ever go the manga way. I love reading my manga and watching my anime, but there’s nothing like your own unique style.

how NOT to do it

On a completely different note, I’ve started to play Professor Layton & The Last Specter. First new game of the year and loving it! Then again how could I not love it, it’s Layton after all. And that’s all I have to say for today so I’ll see you guys back on Thursday!