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Figure Close Up – Day 1 & 2

Just a quick blog before I head of to bed, I’m busy busy busy! This week is the first of 12 where I take photographs of a certain theme for every day of the week. I chose close up photo’s, but to be a little more specific, close ups from my figurine collection. Mainly because most are rather tiny so I figured it would be interesting to see them from up close, but also because they’re in reach and are quick to do (slightly lazy but hey, the blog title says it all). The plan was to post one each day but I was kinda busy yesterday, so I’m just going to post 2 today instead.

I got the Link one from getting some Chocolate Japanese Kinder Eggs at a convention. There’s actually 12 of them and I have 10, but decided this was the most interesting one to pick. The Sandile one was an (awesome) present from my friend Micha. Both these are about the size of a thumb, keep that in mind. I realize that from a professionals point of view these are probably terrible, but I’ll learn as I go. Tips are always welcome if you’re into photography. See you tomorrow with the 3rd one!