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Professor Layton & The Last Specter

And so I finished my first game of the year. Since I have no clue what to post today I might as well write a short opinion about it!

Out of the 4 games I can honestly say that this one gets 2nd place. I love all them all, but story wise this was one of the more acceptable and believable games. Honestly, The Unwound Future was a good game, but a replica of future London in the build under actual London was stretching it for me. The story in this one is a lot more realistic and feels more like The Curious Village. With this information you should now be able to work out which one is my favorite, it’s like a puzzle! (worth like only 5 picarats, but still). I could work out several mystery’s before the game actually revealed them, but there was still a good amount of answers I had as well. I really liked seeing the professor and Luke meeting up for the first time, and personally I really like Emmy as a character. As with every game the animation and art are inspiring to me and the town of Misthallery is beautifully designed. It’s stuff like this why I’m into drawing.

Music fits the scenery too and especially the puzzle theme is still firmly stuck in my head. I know it’s just going to pop in my head every time I have to think about something for the next few weeks, because I’m nerdy like that. The puzzles themselves were balanced, but a few with a high picarat amount I found ridiculously easy. Then again, a few that were only 20 picarats had me stuck. Puzzle 145 specifically drove me insane and the one with the UFO I still can’t solve. Lastly there’s the minigames, which I still need to complete and will be doing so in the next few days. They’re nothing too special, but fun, so no complaints there. I think that kinda covers most of it, so all in all, really good game, as I’ve come to expect from Layton.  I’m looking forward to the next game as always.

And in other unrelated and totally unimportant news, my toes are cold. See you this weekend!


Figure Close Up – Day 7

And here we are on this dawn of the final day! I saved my favorite figures from my all time favorite game for last. Why yes, you get 2 for the price of one today, because these two just fit together perfectly.

It’s not straight away noticable, but sadly my Fierce Deity Link is missing a piece of his ear. Back when I bought it I made the mistake of not checking the box first, so when I opened it afterwards he was actually decapitated. Words still can’t express my rage when I saw it and I was really disappointed. Thankfully I did manage to glue the head back on properly with the correct materials, but that piece of ear was nowhere to be found. Still it currently stands as one of my favorite & biggest figures. The Skullkid figure however is in perfect state and you have no idea how glad I am to have it. Majora’s Mask honestly is my favorite out of all the Zelda games, and yes, that includes OoT or LttP, deal with it.

And that was the first out of 12 photo themes, I hope you liked this one and tips or ideas are always welcome for the future challenges.

I’ve also gone ahead and updated my goals. I know there’s still 2 days left till the month is over but I feel it’s more appropriate to do this every end of the week. I went this whole week with just water and 3 cups of coffee so that’s 1/4 for that challenge. I’m honestly craving for some Fanta right now so I don’t think I could keep going on water just alone, but I will try and make it a habit to drink more water than soda in the future. When it comes to reading I finished both Quidditch through the ages & Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. Not particularly long books, but they count! Besides that just the usual stuff like exercising, drawing, etc. have all been done.

Things I’ve failed at so far are:

  • Running twice a month: Absolutely no running was done, but again, it’s freezing outside and I don’t feel like getting sick any time soon.
  • Do a video every month: I’ve had no idea about what to do one so far, suggestions are welcome
  • Do something Graphic Design Related outside of school: Because honestly I couldn’t be bothered and preferred to focus on my traditional art so it’s not really a loss for me.

So for  my first month I think I did pretty good. I’ll do my best to catch up with the things I haven’t done, but I’m not forcing myself anything, only when I actually feel like doing them.

That’s all for today, so I’ll see you guys back with my first Sketchdump of the month on Tuesday!

Figure Close Up – Day 5 & 6

My apologies, but I just didn’t have the time to update yesterday, so I’ll post 2  in one go again today.

So, who doesn’t love Donkey Kong? I even added Dixie to make up for not posting yesterday! I sadly don’t have Diddy though, and I’m not even sure a figure of him exists because I’ve never been able to find back one. But then again there has to be one right? It would just be odd if they only did a Dixie and left Diddy out. Perhaps one day I’ll get lucky and I’ll be able to make the Country Trio complete. As for Shy Guy, I think he’s a severe underused enemy in Mario games and we should see a lot more of him! I mean look at him, his design is so simple yet awesome, so I was quite happy to have him as a playable character in Mario Kart 7.

See you back tomorrow for the last close up!

Simply Nintendo

Today I want to share some work that I’ve done for class. We got to pick our own theme, so evidently being who I am, I chose Nintendo as my subject. I decided to go the simple route and and went with white vectors on colored backgrounds, each one representing a Nintendo game. Half of these are made from scratch in Illustrator, while the rest has been made in Photoshop with the aid of official images. I originally had more, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with them, so I just went with the ones I considered done. They’re not very complicated, but I do feel the simplicity has a certain charm to it. You are free to use these for a signature or something else, but since I’m so nice to allow that please give credit where due and add a link to my blog or my name. If I see anyone using this claiming it’s his/her own I will take action.

Nintendo Vectors

If I did my job right, and you’re a Nintendo fan, then you should be able to recognize all of these. If not, I need to try harder, or you need to play more Nintendo, which I think I’m going to do right now, so, bye!