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Figure Close Up – Day 5 & 6

My apologies, but I just didn’t have the time to update yesterday, so I’ll post 2  in one go again today.

So, who doesn’t love Donkey Kong? I even added Dixie to make up for not posting yesterday! I sadly don’t have Diddy though, and I’m not even sure a figure of him exists because I’ve never been able to find back one. But then again there has to be one right? It would just be odd if they only did a Dixie and left Diddy out. Perhaps one day I’ll get lucky and I’ll be able to make the Country Trio complete. As for Shy Guy, I think he’s a severe underused enemy in Mario games and we should see a lot more of him! I mean look at him, his design is so simple yet awesome, so I was quite happy to have him as a playable character in Mario Kart 7.

See you back tomorrow for the last close up!


Simply Nintendo

Today I want to share some work that I’ve done for class. We got to pick our own theme, so evidently being who I am, I chose Nintendo as my subject. I decided to go the simple route and and went with white vectors on colored backgrounds, each one representing a Nintendo game. Half of these are made from scratch in Illustrator, while the rest has been made in Photoshop with the aid of official images. I originally had more, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with them, so I just went with the ones I considered done. They’re not very complicated, but I do feel the simplicity has a certain charm to it. You are free to use these for a signature or something else, but since I’m so nice to allow that please give credit where due and add a link to my blog or my name. If I see anyone using this claiming it’s his/her own I will take action.

Nintendo Vectors

If I did my job right, and you’re a Nintendo fan, then you should be able to recognize all of these. If not, I need to try harder, or you need to play more Nintendo, which I think I’m going to do right now, so, bye!

Blog updates

As promised (who would have guessed?!) I’ve updated every single page on the blog. The about page now features a lovely picture of yours truly, and a few links to other places you can find me. I’ve added some artwork as well, but only a few pieces as  you’ll be able to find my work at my deviantart, which you can find a link for on the about page. Lastly I’ve made a small selection of photographs I’ve taken over the last few years during holidays, trips and memorable moments. More will be added as I go along with the blog.

Besides that I’ve been working on a list for 2012, but that wont be for, well, 2012, but just letting you know I’m (hard) at work to make this blog more active in the future. The last day or 2 have been (to no surprise) lazy, as I’m just enjoying my Christmas presents. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 7 which I’m really loving, some of the tracks are incredibly fun, especially the new rainbow road, so much love! I’ve also  finished my first volume of “Y, the last man” which has me aching for the other volumes now. Now I’m about to start reading The Hobbit, which will undoubtedly be an interesting read, plus I wanted to read it before the movie comes out. Reading in general wont be a problem for some time considering all the books I’ve gotten, so happy!

Since I hate leaving a post without a picture, have this oldie .gif I was reminded of recently. It’s me when I visited some friends in Ireland. Yes, I drive pillows in my free time, you have a problem with that?

Jin Vroom Vroom

I’ll see you guys Thursday as we roll into the final days of 2011!

I love Christmas

I honestly do. Not just because of the presents, but I really enjoy the typical Christmas moments with family, that nostalgic feeling that you hope will never disappear. I love the lights, I love the music (to a limit), I love the food, I love getting and giving presents, I love the cheesy Christmas movies, I love the typical moments and jokes that keep coming back every year, and I’d love the snow, if we would have gotten any, but sadly no white Christmas this year. This year I spend Christmas with Doro’s family, and pretty much ended up celebrating it all over again the next day with my family as well. Both evenings were the best and I enjoyed every second of them, I’m a sucker for these family moments, can’t help it. I don’t know how much more food my stomach can handle, but everything was so delicious and there’s still leftovers oh God!


Delicious homemade cupcakes by my older brothers girlfriend

So yes this blog might be new this year, but every year I end up talking about these holidays and post a pic of all the presents I got with a thanks. Thank you Steven, Dylan & Jessica, for adding many hours of reading joy with the books, and many viewing hours with the dvd’s. I absolutely love the pixar calendar as well. Thank you mom & dad, for Mario Kart, because Mario Kart is f*cking awesome, that’s why! Also you guys are pretty awesome parents. Thank you Megan, for all the sweets in that beautiful stocking and those awesome hats! Thank you Sharpy, for the Batman comic which will be a great read, and all the little Zelda stuff that I absolutely love. And most of all, thank you Dorothy, not just for the beautiful illustrated Hobbit book, or the cupcake kit which will deliver us many delicious and lovely cooking moments, or that little massage thingy that feels like heaven, but also because you’re one amazing, sweet, funny, cute, caring and loving girlfriend. You already know it, but I really do love you to bits ❤


This years ridiculously huge haul

Doty & Jin

That said, I hope each and everyone of you had a lovely Christmas or whatever holiday it is you celebrate. Me and Dorothy wish you all the best these holidays, and hope you enjoy these last few days of 2011!