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Update catch up!

So yes, I haven’t updated much this week but I’ve been so incredibly busy you have no idea. I also was quite sick for a few days and my headaches just didn’t allow me to sit infront of a screen for too long. But I’m back now aw yea, party!

Alright so first of all, I’ve finished reading The catcher in the rye and well, I didn’t really like it all that much. Honestly, the main character annoyed me more than entertain me. He mostly just hates, complains and calls everyone phonies during the whole book. At first it’s fine and it makes you realize, ok, the guy is definitely not with the mainstream crowd. But he never does anything else and complains about everyone and everything he sees. Halfway the book that gets really irritating. Besides that he has another annoying habit: telling stories that are completely irrelevant. He actually mentions that he himself likes to drift away from topics, but again, after a while I just started thinking, where is the writer going with this? It just made the character (whose a teenager) seem like an old man whose desperately trying to have conversations and brings up anything that comes to mind. Perhaps this was the point of the writer, but either way, it makes reading the book a let less enjoyable.  In the end I just felt meh about this book. Maybe I just don’t get it, but I wont be reading it again for a long time. As for the next next book I’ve started, that would be Paper Towns by John Green.

Artwise I’ve practiced a lot of full body sketches and I’m getting slowly, but surely, better. I’ve also done a couple of actual complete drawings which you’ll see at the end of the month in the sketchdump. I also felt like making something Majora’s Mask related, so have this. I’m quite happy with the result. Hands down the best game in the series still. I may make more of these if I get positive feedback, so it’s up to you!

What else? due to sickness i didn’t train for a few days but I’m getting back into groove again now. For Valentine I went out for dinner with Doro and we had a great time. We didn’t do anything more as I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s and I show her that I love her every day anyways, the woman knows! <3. Lastly, I’ve also been more active on my Tumblr again, so go check that out. I’m currently doing a 30 day Zelda question challenge. I would post these here, but I don’t want to make this a full out Zelda blog. Let me know your Tumblr if you have one too!

I got the whole next week off so you can expect lots of updates to make up of the lack before. And that’s all, so you all have a fine evening now =)


New books

Hello there! It’s been a somewhat hectic and busy weekend so I didn’t get to posting this Sunday, sorry for that! Nothing too much new has been going on however, so it’s not like I’m behind on any updates. The only 2 noteworthy things are that I’ve been drawing a bit more full body pictures and that I treated myself on 4 new books, yay me!

Tales of Beedle the Bard I’ve already nearly completed, but it’s a quick and light read so understandable. I love the cover btw, it’s a lovely design. Then since I really liked The fault in our stars and Looking for Alaska I went ahead and got me John Green’s two other books as well. Lastly, The catcher in the rye, because I’ve heard nothing but good about it and figured I might as well give it a shot. You’ll find out my opinion on these on my goodreads as I finish them. If any of the few people who check my blog have suggestions for good books (I’ll go for any genre really) let me know!

Now I’ve got quite a busy week ahead I’m afraid. An exam, some tasks to finish and a Valentine diner, so updates may be a bit slower this week. No worries though, after that I’ll be having a lot more free time and I’ll be able to post more again. I’ll quickly update the goal list as well after this post. Exercising is going really great btw, my condition is definitely improving.

And on a totally unrelated note, I’m still freezing my ass of.

January Sketchdump

As promised, here’s my first sketchdump of the year. When looking back at this month, I realize that while I have practiced drawing bodies in basic shapes, I haven’t actually drawn any real full body pictures. That’s kind of odd considering I’ve put so much time in practicing. I suppose I don’t feel confident enough yet to completely go for it, but I’ll try and improve and dare to go more complicated starting now. Already on the bright side, I’m definitely starting to draw more than just standard 3/4 with straight arms, so that’s a good sign. A long way to go but I’m totally up for it!

Hope you like my work, but I always enjoy criticism, positive or negative, so feel free to leave a comment. Also, why not drop a question or a request?

Challenge List – Week 3

Well, this week was fairly productive!

I’ve finished reading The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, and I can definitely recommend it. It’s not exactly a happy story, but it made me smile a lot so it’s not really a sad story either. It’s hard to explain really, so all I can say is go read it. If you want a longer opinion, check out my goodreads. I’ve also watched True Grit (the 2010 version) and quite liked it. Probably because of The Dude and the fact that I’ve wanted to see a Western for a while. The ending kinda just happens though, it’s over before you realize it. I never saw the original so I can’t tell how it holds up though, but again, I liked it.

My first new band for the year has been “discovered” as well after randomly clicking a suggestion on Youtube. They’re called Said The Whale and their music is very relaxing. I especially like “Lines” which references Back to the Future, so I’ll share that one with you guys.

Art wise, I’ve decided to change one of my challenges again. The Draw a full body drawing every 2 weeks. It’s just too specific and feels a bit forced. Instead I’m changing it to sketching out a few bodies a day to practice my anatomy and poses. I’ve been doing this for the past week and I can feel that this will benefit my art a lot more than just trying 1 finished full body drawing. This has resulted in giving myself more motivation and inspiration to draw on a daily basis and try new things. Obviously that’s a good thing.

As for as my exercises go, I’m improving. As in not tiring out as quickly anymore, which makes me very happy. It might just be in my head, but I do feel more healthy because of it. Also it’s already starting to get a habit to eat a piece of fruit or 2 a day so that’s all good too. And since I messed up with my train last Friday I had plenty of time to try a Coffee Mocha, which tasted great. When it comes to cooking however, oh boy… We tried making cheesecake but that was a total fail. I’m not actually a fan of cheesecake to begin with and neither is Dorothy, but I wanted to make some for my brother. Too bad for him I’m afraid, but we’re not going to give that one a 2nd attempt.

For this week, I plan to do the only drink water (with exception of coffee) so I’m enjoying my sugary Fanta tonight while I still can. Time is also running short on some of my monthly challenges so I’m going to start my first photography challenge and take 7 close up pictures this week. Then there’s also go running twice a month, but I hardly doubt that I’ll manage to do that in this cold, usually rainy weather. Perhaps I’ll catch up on things like that during better weather days. Everything else is going smoothly though, and I’m glad for that.

Lastly, I wouldn’t mind getting some questions on my Formspring, so why not have a go? Besides that, have a good evening!

Simply Nintendo

Today I want to share some work that I’ve done for class. We got to pick our own theme, so evidently being who I am, I chose Nintendo as my subject. I decided to go the simple route and and went with white vectors on colored backgrounds, each one representing a Nintendo game. Half of these are made from scratch in Illustrator, while the rest has been made in Photoshop with the aid of official images. I originally had more, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with them, so I just went with the ones I considered done. They’re not very complicated, but I do feel the simplicity has a certain charm to it. You are free to use these for a signature or something else, but since I’m so nice to allow that please give credit where due and add a link to my blog or my name. If I see anyone using this claiming it’s his/her own I will take action.

Nintendo Vectors

If I did my job right, and you’re a Nintendo fan, then you should be able to recognize all of these. If not, I need to try harder, or you need to play more Nintendo, which I think I’m going to do right now, so, bye!


Oh my, another post already? Why yes, and it’s about art! You see, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, although I only started to take it more serious around age 16. Never before however did I really look up what material is good to use and used basic pencils, until some recent advice. Promarkers, where have you been all my life? Because oh boy, they’re freaking great! I should have started to use these ages ago to improve my work on paper, but better late than never I suppose. I just wanted to show you guys an example or 2 of what I’ve been doing with them because I’m all excited now. I’m only putting up a tiny version (because I’m evil like that) but here you go.

Noodles Dave & Bolts

I know, there’s a dozen mistakes in these and it’s far from perfect, but I’m really having fun again. It’s been a really long time since I’ve really felt like drawing for days on end, but that’s exactly the feeling I have right now. Motivation & inspiration is climbing back up after a 2 years of slipping downhill. I want to try out so much more stuff and practice to bring more interesting pieces of art, so let’s hope this is a good start to 2012 and that we’ll see some progress by the end of the year.

See you, likely, on Thursday!


Challenge List – Week 2

And thus ends the 2nd week of my challenge list. Weekly challenges are going really well, although I should probably start some of those monthly challenges now if I want to make those in time. I’m changing another challenge slightly as well. The do an art challenge every 2 weeks from Deviantart. I’m changing that to doing an art challenge in general, so I’ve got more options. Today I actually did a 100 challenge, which is to pick something I’m bad at, and draw that 100 times. So I drew 100 male torso’s. They’re all roughly 3 minute sketches, but that still took some good time and I feel like I should be doing this 100 thing more, it feels good. Other things I’m doing better at is that so far I’ve been exercising 6 out of 7 days, rather than every 2 and I usually eat 2 pieces of fruit a day instead of one.

I’ve also finished my first book of the year, which was The Hobbit, the illustrated version. I really enjoyed this book and it was a surprisingly easy read, considering how people say that the LotR books are so hard to read (I’ve yet to touch those). Reading the book sort of feels like you’re in a tavern, listening to an old man’s tale. There’s never a dull moment and so much happens that keeps you reading on and on. The illustrations are beautifully done as well and fit the story perfectly, something that people who are into art will definitely appreciate. The only thing I wonder, is why the writer went with 13 Dwarves, as only a few get proper character development. I feel like the same story could have been told with half as many Dwarves. Smaug, the dragon’s defeat was also done in an unexpected way, but these are not bad things of course. I know its kind of pointles to mention, but I’m still going to say that I highly recommend anyone to read it. Now I look forward to the movie even more.

Anyways, here’s the list again with mentioned updates and explanations! This time I’m just going to write the ones that I did since you can find the full thing on the goals page, makes it easier to read through.

Reading & Writing

1 Read at least 24 books (1/24)
– The Hobbit
2 Update my blog at least 3 times a week
– This includes today, so that makes 3 once more
3 Work on my stories at least once a week(2/52)
– This time I brainstormed the story that involves Iluna, very early development
5 Keep a dream journal
– 5 out of 7 dreams, less than last week, but still good


13 Watch 1 movie I’ve never seen before every week (2/52)
– As mentioned earlier this week, I saw The rise of the Planet of the Apes with Dorothy


19 Draw one full body picture every week (2/52)
– I did several full body sketches during the 100 challenge
20 Every 2 weeks, do an art challenge I find or from List (1/26)
– That would be the 100 male torso’s challenge I did


30 Have a real date night every month with Dorothy (1/12)

Health & Selfimprovement

37 Excercise at least every 2 days for 20 minutes or more
– I exercised 6 out of 7 days this week
40 Eat one piece of fruit every day
– More apples, pears, banana’s & kiwi’s!
43 Clean up my room once a week (2/52)
– Let’s keep it this way!
44 Keep a list of all my spendings
– Watching my money this week


53 Keep a mood calender
      – Oh tiring days!

That’s all for today, I think i may make a new post tomorrow, so look out for that!

❤ Jin

Sketches Preview

Oh hello there! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on improving my characters and I’ve been sketching a lot in general, so today I just want to give you guys a small sneak peak. Don’t expect anything amazing here though, it’s just simple head sketches, nothing more to it. I do hope you like them of course, or this post will be utterly pointless.

This is my character Iluna, at age 12. You can find artwork of her at age 19 on my artwork page. I’ve always drawn her with the barret but never really thought about how her head would look underneath that, which is kind of odd when you think about it. So I put myself on working on her hair a bit more. Besides that I’ve experimented with different angles, expressions and alternate outfits, but for all of that you’ll have to wait for when I upload my first sketchdump.

Next up we have Nessa, which you can find in my artwork page as well. I’m quite happy with her design so I mostly just focused on angles and expression, but I did slightly change her nose which I feel looks better now. If you guys would like to find out more about my characters and series btw, then let me know and I’ll definitely post more info and art about them!

And now just for the hell of it, I’ve been going through some of my older artwork and I found this “amazing” piece of work back (below). This is how I used to draw at one point folks… Shame on me, I know. So word of advice, don’t ever go the manga way. I love reading my manga and watching my anime, but there’s nothing like your own unique style.

how NOT to do it

On a completely different note, I’ve started to play Professor Layton & The Last Specter. First new game of the year and loving it! Then again how could I not love it, it’s Layton after all. And that’s all I have to say for today so I’ll see you guys back on Thursday!

Challenge List – Week 1

Hello there! The first week has passed and so far things are going good. There are however 2 things that will be changed in the list. These changes and the things I did this week are marked in green, and I’ll try to add a short explanation bellow it everytime to be a bit more specific.

Reading & Writing

1 Read at least 24 books (0/24)
2 Update my blog at least 3 times a week
– This includes today, so that makes 3
3 Work on my Eternal Nightfall Story at least once a week(1/52)
– I brainstormed for about an hour, but I am changing this to “Work on any of my stories”
4 Make a list of all my belongings
5 Keep a dream journal
– Managed to remember 6 out of 7 nights so far, so that’s good
6 Write about a subject of interest once a month using at least 1500 words (0/12)


7 Every month, pick one week where pick a theme and take a photograph every day (0/12)
8 Take a 4 pictures for 4 places, one for each season (0/16)


9 Complete 24 Videogames (0/24)
10 Play through Donkey Kong Country Returns or Super Mario Bros Wii with Dorothy
11 Do 1 Let’s Play


12 Watch the main animated Disney/Pixar movies I haven’t seen or can barely remember again.
13 Watch 1 movie I’ve never seen before every week (0/52)
– I watched My Neighbour Totoro with Dorothy yesterday
14 Watch 3 unseen seasons of any serie from my collection (0/3)
15 Watch 6 unseen anime series (0/6)


16 Do a 30 day song Challenge
17 Discover a new band for each month (0/12)
18 Learn to play one song on any instrument


19 Draw one full body picture every week (1/52)
– I’m changing this to 2 weeks, I’m just not good enough yet and need extra time/practice
20 Every 2 weeks, do a challenge from List (0/26)
21 Improve or redesign 12 of my characters (0/12)
– I’ve spend most of my day on improving my character Iluna, only a few simple sketches but still going
22 Make a short looping animation (5-10sec)
23 Do the 100 Theme Challenge List
24 Do a monthly skechtdump (0/12)
25 Draw a short comic
26 Design a Christmas Card
27 Do something Graphic Design related outside of school every month (0/12)
28 Draw 1 piece of fanart every month (0/12)


29 Attend at least 3 conventions  (0/3)
30 Have a real date night every month with Dorothy (0/12)
31 Go see the Zelda 25 year Anniversary Concert
32 Go to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios in London
33 Make a short video (1-3 minutes) every month (0/12)
34 Have a meetup with online friends
– As mentioned in my previous post, I met up with Micha & Jenna, twice even
35 Make a top 5-10 list about things I love every month (0/12)

Health & Selfimprovement

36 Get my weight to 82kg (currently 87kg)
37 Excercise at least every 2 days for 20 minutes or more
– I’ve surprisingly exercised 5 out of 7 days this week
38 Go running at least twice a month (0/24)
39 Drink only water (excluding coffee) for 4 random weeks (0/4)
40 Eat one piece of fruit every day
– Apples, pears & banana’s
41 Get some jobs to earn extra money
42 Clean out things I don’t need or care about from my room
– I put away some things and decided to sell some of my dvds that are collecting dust
43 Clean up my room once a week (1/52)
– And boy was it necessary
44 Keep a list of all my spendings
– And I can already tell I should spend less, but I blame it on the meetups
45 Visit my both Aunts/Uncles at least every 3 months (0/8


46 Learn to cook something every month (0/12)
47 Try 12 different kinds of coffee (0/12)
48 Try 12 types of food I haven’t tasted before (0/12)
– I tried Chicken Catsu & Duck Dumplings at Wagamama’s, and liked it.


49 Learn how to play chess
50 Say yes to everything for a day
51 Do one challenge a friend suggests (Not shave for a month – Sharpy)
52 Do something for Nerdfighters
53 Keep a mood calender
      – Oh happy days!

So as you can see, I’m off to a fairly good start. It’s only the first week so it’s not that hard of course, but it shows I’m motivated enough I think. Looking at some of the things I did, I should perhaps blog when I complete specific challenges, like giving my thoughts about a new movie I’ve seen. It will make the blog that more active, so I’ll start doing that from now on and it’s possibly I will continue to make little changes to improve as I go. That’s the update for this week, now I’m going to go back to improving this character of mine! Perhaps I’ll post a sneak peak when I’m done, but I’m keeping the majority for the sketchdump at the end of the month. See you in a few days!

An evening in Brugge

So yesterday was pretty awesome. I met up with Micha & Jenna and since she’s from England that’s already a win for the meeting up with online friends in my challenge list. We went to Antwerp to have some delicious Japanese food at Wagamama’s. I’ve been there before but I’ve tried something new for the list as well, with a yummy outcome. So that’s a 2nd win and 11 new things to taste still! We also went to this ridiculously huge comic store (honestly I could spend the whole day in there) and a quick art store visit. After that we took the train (which was in it’s turn ridiculously packed) to Brugge, since Jenna wanted to see it by nighttime. She also gave me some great tips and examples on art equipment with her mad skills, so I will do my best to use this new knowledge in future drawings. Honestly it was very helpful and I appreciate it a lot, so big thanks once more! Actually, all of you should check out her stuff so here’s her Tumblr & her Deviantart, go check it out! Yes I’m promoting your work Jenna, deal with it B)


Anyways, as you can see in the picture above, once in Brugge we went to this Disney ice sculpture festival that was there for a limited time, -6°celcius THATS FRIGGIN COLD IN THERE OK! But totally worth it, which is one of the reasons I’m blogging today in the first place. There’s no way I could not show some of these pictures. There’s a bunch more but I can’t possibly upload them all here I’m afraid. Instead I did make a small selection and added them to the photography section so go check them out (after you finish this post). They even had a small castle decor with a long slide which was the best. We went down it twice because it was just so much fun, I don’t even care that I’m 24 or that my ass was freezing, I felt like a kid again. Well I feel like a kid a lot, but this time I felt like a really young kid! After the cold I had a good tasty warm Cecemel to warm up again. There was also a polar bear standing next to a mic, don’t even ask. At first I though he would give a speech, but he just kept shaking his head so I assumed he had stagefright or something.

Ice Castle

After that we just went to explore Brugge by night and while I’ve been there before that was only during the day. I was surprised about how lovely Brugge looks at night with all those Christmas decorations still up. I took a bunch of pictures there as well, but same deal with the ice sculpture photographs so you’ll have to do with a small selection as well. I do hope it inspires people to come to Belgium and visit Brugge, it’s definitely worth it, as are many other cities over here. As the evening ended Micha & Jenna were so friendly to entertain me with dancing and what not until my train left back home. That’s how you know you got good company. The running after my train may have been a little too much though Micha, but seriously guys, I love both of you and I had a great time, don’t forget it!

I really like how that picture came out so I’m ending todays post with that =). I’ll see you lovely people back on Sunday with my first weekly update of my challenge list!